Tuesday, August 13, 2002

sleepy and still not sleeping. =P

Tired. Again. It is a very vicious cycle.

You get all rested during the weekend, then on the first day of school the following week, something dramatic happens and sucks up all your energy.

Then you go through the rest of the week being very lifeless and tired. When the weekend comes, you get all the rest you need. Then on the first day of school....

And the cycle repeats itself. It's horrible.

Today's incident was pretty dramatic but I was pretty touched by the outcome of it as well. So I guess getting my energy sapped up for this isn't so bad.

Danny was nice though. Quite shocked when he called to check up on me. It's so weird. Nice guy just isn't his image. =P Don't let him know i said that. =P

Okay. Will log off now. Tired.

As usual.