Tuesday, May 28, 2002

I had a friend, by the name of Jasmine, who came up with this following theory a few weeks ago. We were on the phone and we were discussing boy-girl relationships and she came to this conclusion that people who find true love are people who are pretty/handsome, intelligent, charismatic and have the usual fairytale background type. I disagreed with her and I don't exactly remember what I said but it was to the likes of "attractive people get true love too". Then Jasmine came to the conclusion that in order to have true love, you need to be attractive.

Even now, I still do not take back my words because I still think that what I said is true. Attractive people are attracted to more attractive people or people who are on par with themselves. Some people do it knowingly and some people don’t. I guess, when you realise that you are attractive, you automatically look for a significant Other that can match up to you. You are then attracted to people who are, yes, attractive. The initial attraction varies. It can be the person’s looks or personality or a certain action that attracts you to him/her. It can even be what the person said. But you have definitely set a certain standard for your choice of a partner.

Maybe that is just what I am going through at the moment. People tell me that I am attractive, that I am “the” material for someone better, and I start to believe them. Thus, it is no longer the only-character-counts criteria. It has become a vicious selection of the best for myself. I may meet many guys who are incredibly eligible but I am extremely fussy about who passes the “test”. In other words, I find myself becoming those everything-counts type of person. When someone does something which disgusts me in the slightest way or makes him seem unattractive, he is struck off my “eligible” list.

I don’t know what it is but I know that I am getting increasingly shallow. Maybe because of my own physical imperfections that I am attracted to people who are better blessed in their outward appearance than I am. I seem to prefer a partner who is of above average physical appearances.

That is so shallow and unlike myself. Maybe that is why I am so attracted to him.