Sunday, March 31, 2002

God. I just watched 3 movies today. On TV. Mind you, I don't watch TV everyday. The last time I totally slobbed infront of the TV was like months ago.

Sheesh. I have NEVER been SO inspired by TV before. N-E-V-E-R. Ok. Maybe except the time when they were showing Forrest Gump.

But this time, it was THREE inspiring movies in ONE day. GOD. And they were, "Fly Away Home", "Prince Of Egypt" and "Jerry Maguire".

I am going for my Mass Comm test thing tomorrow. I am inspired. I hope they give essay questions because I will write. And I will write like I have never ever written before because I AM INSPIRED.

They SERIOUSLY should show more of such movies before exams and stuff. Why? Because they make you think. And thinking is good before a paper. ANY paper.

It is 12:30am. I have a written test at 10am. I too hyped up. I can't keep all this inspiration in me.

I need to do something. God. I need to go scream or something. There is too much energy in me.

That's it. No more inspiring movies for the next month.

TV is good.

Movies are good.

Jerry Maguire is good.

Prince of Egypt is good.

Fly Away Home is good.

Life is good.

That's it. I need to log off before I spout more nonsense.