Saturday, January 19, 2002

it is getting worse..
menstrual.. need i say more?
k.. then again.. the links dun work.. i just realised that if i wanted to change the stuff, i would need to change everything to html format.. *sulks*

the heat isnt helping.. *sinks into her chair*
yay.. was playing around with the html thing on my blog.. so cool!!! i just added my own links n stuff.. yay.. ^^

headache isnt getting better though.. just had an ice cream and the heat is getting worse..

maybe i shld switch on the air-con..
will be going out with my mum later to get some stuff.. maybe will get my hairdye again.. i want my hair red..

the weather is so hot it is giving me a headache..


Friday, January 18, 2002

bleah.. hot day.. not good..
been really long since i last posted.. heh.. well..

life has pretty much been the same.. it is 4 days to martin n my 2nd month's anniversary.. but i don't think i will be seeing him anyway.. he is REALLY busy with his school work.. we don't even talk that much on the phone anymore.. it is like i only talk to him once every 2 or 3 days.. n even if we talk, it will only be 10 to 20 minutes.. but tonight was diff.. we had a talk for almost 2 hours.. it was nice.. i missed talking to him.. i miss him ALOT.. like ALOT.. he emailed me the other day and he signed off "loving you till my penis goes limp".. n i laughed till i cried.. it wasnt just coz it was so funny.. it was also coz i really really miss him.. i didnt realise that until i read the email..

but is it really love? is there something missing? maybe it is just my imagination.. i dunno.. maybe it really is.. i am getting so paranoid.. argh..

yileng left for australia today.. i am not really that sad coz i am not really that close to her.. but i guess there is this part in me which kinda misses her.. though she has never really played that big a role in my life, no one really passes by without leaving something behind..will really miss her.. won't show it much.. but not alll emotions need to be shown even though they exist..

ok.. think will stop here now.. will update again pretty soon..